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Ongoing projects

Here is what I'm currently working on, please get in touch if you think there is scope for a collaboration.

Bug Bounty Hunting

I'm currently hacking on a range of public Bug Bounty programs via the likes of HackerOne. I'm focused especially on areas where I feel I have an edge: white-box code analysis, and cryptographically derived systems (e.g. blockchain).


I recently won a 1st place in the Most Ambitious category of the Tigergraph GraphForAll Million Dollar Challenge with ShockNet - a project to predict and manage economic crises. A live demo of the ShockNet project is available, or you can deploy your using version using the instructions on its Github repo. If you have any interest in using this project or developing it further, please get in touch.

Software Analysis Tooling

I've got a keen interest in developer productivity tools, so when I have spare cycles I often investigate ideas for tools, especially code analysis tools or tools that allow knowledge assets to be better managed. My strong hunch is that our codebases can tell us a lot, but we struggle to surface the information in an actionable and interpretable manner.

Your software project?

I'm open to flexible and short-term engagements that leverage my software engineering experience (see Past Engagements for more detail). I've lead teams, designed, developed and delivered end-to-end solutions to business problems and trained and mentored others. My strongest languages as of today are Clojure, Javascript, Java & Python (roughly in that order). But I do feel I have enough experience to pick up anything. I also have pretty strong experience in deployment and operability of systems and have used AWS, Terraform, Ansible, and Docker in that context.

Past engagements

A small selection of some of my past roles, most recent first.

Signal AI

I lead and grew a cross-functional team to handle the content ingestion concerns at Signal AI. I reached Signal's Lead Engineer level of seniority during my tenure. This was a heavy Clojure role involving microservices (docker on AWS), a you build it you run it mindset (observability via Prometheus, Grafana & Cloudwatch), and a laser focus on solving customer (internal & external) problems and having impact. One of my largest projects was a rewrite of our business-critical usage reporting capabilities, which was a data engineering project involving Kinesis Streams of events, Airflow for job management (Python) and data transformations written in DBT. I also contributed to the main UI of the product (React), and maintained several internal tool UIs in Javascript. I was heavily in running the Impact London meetup group, and the hosting of ClojureBridge at Signal.

Oliver Wyman / L-Shift

As I didn't stay at this consultancy long, I was mostly involved in a single client engagement. This involved rapidly onboarding into their somewhat esoteric software stack (Java & Erlang eventually deployed to PowerPC & SPARC in a fixed data centre), and then taking on a prototype of a build & deployment service targeting AWS for testing purposes and trying to make it reliable and usable. This required me to learn Ansible, Terraform and AWS deployments, and the system written by somebody else, in a small number of days, after which I took over responsibility for hitting tight customer deadlines.

G Research

During my time at G Research I was in an engineering team closely aligned with the researchers in the short-term trading space. I ended up as a Technical Lead leading a sub-team that took responsibility for delivering trading algorithms and their training data to production, taking care of versioning and automating the validation process along the way. This was an F# / C# role which involved a close collaboration with the data scientists and an ability to understand their problems and the trading context.

SiVenture (a division of NDS)

At the start of my post-University career I worked in Sidechannel Cryptanalysis & Attacks (I rose from Security Analyst to Senior Security Analyst during my tenure). SiVenture was a consultancy focused on security verification for smartcards and other embedded devices. For the majority of the time, I was the sole expert in the company on Power Analysis, Fault Injection and Analysis (using lasers), and any other sidechannel attacks that could be applied to our customer's products. I engaged in pen-testing activities for customers, ran bespoke multi-day training courses on attack and defence, and tracked and evaluated the cutting edge research from academia and how it might be applicable to our customers.

Other personal interests

  • Renewable energy
  • Privacy-preserving computing
  • Cutting down on materials waste - no more disposable society
  • Monetary reform - making the monetary system fairer
  • Economics & inequality