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Old (defunct) products

I made some Android apps under the HumaneIT banner several years ago. At the time I was very interested in the UX that stylus-based tablets could open up for me (I was hoping to stop using paper). These are basically defunct now, but still available, so are included here for completenes. I can still write mobile apps if required, I've recently dabbled in Flutter for a personal project, I've only got experience of Android deployment.

StickItFast - scribble into Evernote

Stick It Fast

The quick way to scribble notes into Evernote®.
I was interested in being able to grab a stylus, write a quick note on the screen and get it into an Evernote account, with the minimum number of clicks.

SplitToDo - scribble your life

Split To Do

Grab a stylus and organise your life quickly.
This project didn't make it as far as StickItFast, but I was interested in the idea of hierarchical note taking (hence "Split..."), and how to organise knowledge to allow for effective action.