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25/05/22 Byron Thomas, on behalf of Humane IT, won a 1st Place (Most Ambitious) in the Tigergraph GraphForAll Million Dollar Challenge with ShockNet - a project to predict and manage economic crises.

Humane IT has changed.

Humane IT was founded by me, Byron Thomas, as a technology product company initially focused on mobile apps. Nowadays, it exists solely as an accounting entity for when I consult or contract with other companies. I've kept the original branding, as although it doesn't reflect the current purpose very well, I enjoyed making it and I like seeing it from time to time.

If you have a limited term, or highly flexible, opportunity that you think may be of interest to me, please get in touch. I have skills in: Software Development (Clojure, Python and Javascript are my most heavily used languages recently), Software Security Analysis, Cryptography and smart contracts, and organising and leading Product development teams.
I get a lot of joy from refactoring and making code more reasonable, and I love investigating and making tools that can make the job of delivering software to customers easier (throughout the full lifecycle). Please don't attempt to recruit me for a permananent 9 to 5 type role, that's not what I'm looking for.

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