Ongoing projects

Here are the ideas I'm currently looking at (although you might find more up-to-date info on LinkedIn or Medium). Please get in touch if:

  • You've got any feedback
  • You'd like to know the latest
  • You'd like to get involved somehow

Outdoor computing

I don't mean "mobile" computing. I mean, could I do software development in the park and enjoy being outside? Or up a mountain? It feels like the whole flexible working revolution got stuck somewhere and maybe it's possible to push this along further now.

Privacy-preserving computing

Wouldn't it be cool if you didn't have to give up your personal data, just to use the products we all take for granted. There are some existing decentralised internet platforms, but I'm not really convinced by the blockchain-based solutions and I'm thinking about alternatives. I'm also interested in which applications can easily be decentralised / user-hosted and which can't because they inherently rely on lots of data. What's the solution for that I wonder?

Other personal interests

  • Renewable energy
  • Cutting down on materials waste - no more disposable society
  • Monetary reform - making the monetary system fairer
  • Economics & inequality